153. Homeless Solutions


News about the homeless population seems to be dished out with scarcity by our media.   Homelessness is like that proverbial big pink elephant in a room that everyone just ignores.  The reasons for the lack of attention to homelessness are many,but in a nutshell I think we place this tragic social issue on the back burner because we just don’t have a workable solution on how to go about making it better. The current methods we are using barely seem to make a dent in getting the homeless the shelter and services needed to get folks off the street and transitioned into mainstream life.  So, it was with great interest that I came across news about airports being used by the homeless in London. (And yes,homelessness is an issue that is global in scope in industrialized nations.)

After reading this article done by NPR I was thinking about the brillance of homeless folks seeking refuge in areas that provide shelter from the elements in a venue that is made for the transient public. There are amenities there that are easy to access and by virtue of the crowds they are able to  easily blend in with the throngs of travellers. Quite simply it is a small self contained environment that is already in place that provides  a shelter for travellers so why not folks that are homeless? 

This lead me to think about the various facilities we have within each and every community that are already in place and could provide valuable and much needed shelter space for the homeless. We have stadiums, schools, churches, vacant warehouses, community centers, and various other public places that provide large spaces that could easily be used for shelters. I’m not suggesting that that providing basic shelter is  the only service we need to provide for our homeless, but it certainly does provide a  solution of  getting folks off the streets. In the very least  our local government could provide a new and innovative solutions for providing basic services  for our homeless that have yet to be considered.   It would prove much more valuable than spending time on  passing ordinances against the homeless that have no positive effect on helping those without shelter.

Sadly, poverty and homelessness have been around throughout the history of mankind. Globally there are an estimated 100 million people who are homeless. How wonderful if this were the time in our history to create a catalyst in making our communties places of innovation and determination for tough social issues like homelessness.



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