180. Barak Obama’s Weapon of Limited Destruction (WLD)


The McCain’s(John McCain,Father & Grandfather)


 Ok, It has been a long time since I have written something. Over the past 3 months I have had a hard time framing a sentence with more than the letters consisting of my name . I admit to writers block! I have been hiking in high altitudes, native caves and other spots. This site has been TOTALLY operated, managed and composed of articles from AnAmerican.  AnAmerican has been doing a great job in keeping things off my shoulders in my absence.

This election season something rang out to me. We have two candidates.

John McCain is a War Hero / P.O.W ,a Veteran and descendant of war heroes and veterans.

Barack Obama  is a known corroborator with a known domestic terrorist friend, Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers has    killed people (including his girlfriend at the time) right here in the United States and then profitted from his book about this. Obama’s friend, Bill Ayers ,is considered an educator. How screwed up are people to let someone like Ayers teach? Ayer’s group calls themselves The Weathermen…what wind is blowing here?  Smells like a foul one to me!

You have the media covering Obama like he and Ayers are saints. How can this be true? You have MSNBC in a Lancaster, PA diner talking to old Veterans and Rotarians and the media isn’t covering the story about a   Presidential candidate that consorts with a radical who has placed bombs in America?

I am sorry my friends….This is Bill Ayers as I see him.

If I had been building a nail bomb and blown up my girl friend would you date me or make me richer and appoint me in charge of your kids? Or if I did not have a lot of money would you really hang around me if I was politically incorrect unless you were some type of radical? (Or an idiot?) Damn, I killed some people with a BOMB! Now I am grooming the new WUNDERKIND future President.? Oh, by the way, the book I wrote is getting republished due to all of this publicity ….get your copy???!!!

Hell I would rather have Pamela Anderson running the country….the only thing she has blown up were her boobs.

Come on?

VETS, Everyone…. get the blinders off!, stop drinking the Obama Kool Aid!   We do not need this! Liberals, we do not need a one hundred day Senator running America!



1 Response to “180. Barak Obama’s Weapon of Limited Destruction (WLD)”

  1. 1 Jeff
    November 2, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Wanderingvet, are you confident that Republican John McCain will assist the 23% of homeless Americans that are veterans (see AnAmerican’s recent post)? Are you confident that it will not be more of the same Republican leadership a la George Bush?

    Eagerly waiting to see how President Elect Obama will address veterans’ issues during the new administration! Hopefully, the campaign promises of more accountablity to veterans will truely come to fruition!


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