185.Wal Mart & The Wanderingvet:A Tale of Woe


What a lousy day my friends!

I was hired by Wal Mart for a job in their hardware department. I had to take a drug test the next day by 12:30 PM  to get the job. I screwed up after their interview and decided that it was a good offer and canceled another interview ,selling furniture on commission . I already have a commission sales job and it is not working out too well.

I am new to San Antonio, Texas. I have been trying to get out of homelessness for over a year now. I admit , I was very excited about the low paying  job Wal Mart offered me..I set off 4 hours early for the appointment armed with a mapquest.com guide of the route for walking, the bus guide for the Via Transit with the pertinent bus routes, two bottles of chilled water in my backpack and my last two dollars in exact change for the bus transfers (I needed to walk some since I was unsure of the financial calculations required of the route via bus).

So,according to map quest walking the first leg of this trek was about 2.6 miles. Easy Peasy! Well, looking at my map two hours later I was still not at the 2.6 mile mark according to mapquest.com and was becoming alarmed. As a experienced pace man / hiker I know I do 3 miles an hour and I was way outside anywhere I had traveled since I had been in the area. Common sense started telling me to hop on the bus.  Quelling panic,  I remembered that mapquest.com had not failed me before when I had doubts about directions. So, Wanderingvet trudged on though I knew something was wrong. Later checking the map,  I discovered I aciddently walked over seven miles on that stretch .

Well, forty minutes later I realized I was getting way behind schedule and decided I needed to hit the bus, so I found the bus stop. I waited and waited for the 54 bus. The 51, 34, 30, came and went two and three times . When I asked the one of the drivers, “Does the 54 still run the route or am I hallucinating  on the schedule and the sign post?” and he replied, “Oh that one just runs once an hour instead of every fifteen minutes like all the rest.”

How could things get more fouled up? Just watch….

So checking my Via Trans Itinerary,I see my other bus hit on the other side of town so over I started running.  Just as I was  running up Market street I saw the bus. And I waved it down and the driver saw me and held it for me.

I told him I was going to the address and showed him my paper and he said that was the bus…OF COURSE IT WAS NOT! I ended up in Schertz, Texas and not San Antonio. At this time I was getting nervous.

He told me that his bus would get me to the correct bus though…just get on the next bus at the end of the line. OK!  I still had a half hour until the window of  time for the appointment. I am sitting on a bench next to a freeway construction zone  in Shertz, Texas with neither direction marked. When the 21 bus arrived I asked the bus driver about the stop I was looking for he replied “I never heard of it”. What the hell ?!

So , I board the bus of this busdriver.  About two stops later the driver tells me… “You need to get off here since this is Kirby, Texas and you are going the wrong direction and need to get on the other bus.” Between sinking spirits and a rage of wanting to tear the head off an old redneck I asked him “Why did you not tell me this before?” He said nothing.

So now I am sitting in the hot sun on a concrete bench in front of a Tasty Freeze / liquor store with my last forty-five cents. Thirty minutes later the right bus shows up. Thirty minutes later I arrive at the correct stop.

The clinic where I am to have the drug test does not match up correctly with the name  on WalMart’s paperwork . The name on the door and the name on the paperwork are two different names entirely. This further adds  to some confusion.  I enter into the clinic. I am standing in front of some receptionist who is blithering on a personal call and having a good time. I admit by this time I am looking a little disheveled, dehydrated, and probably smelling a little funky since I had been hiking and busing for going on FIVE hours now, three cities, and am there in this clinic in desperation of the Walmart job.

The woman eventually hangs up the phone and I tell her why I am there and she points and says, “Oh you have to go into the clinic” , which took all of 3 seconds for her to tell me. Why did she just not put her line on hold and speak to me? She could have talked to whoever until hell froze over for all I cared  and I would not have had to wait forever!

So, over I go into  the clinic. I told them I was late and tried to explain without going into the whole thing just saying .“Hey I am new in town and got my directions messed up”. They still had me fill out the paperwork  and sit on the bench. Twenty minutes later after reading half of  a magazine and the pamphlet of how great they are at treating gonorrhea at this clinic, they called my name and told me that Wal Mart said I was not going to be hired, that I could not re-apply for a year, and basically told me to piss off!

The funny thing is, I was one of their highest qualified candidates with a degree, a veteran, multiple clean drug tests through the VA multiple times a year (like I am hiding something from them and needed an extra hour to hide a drug problem) I  had applied to them multiple times in the last two years and endured the insult of waiting  two months to call me for the position they interviewed me for. It was a depressing eight mile walk back to my digs at the end of what ended up a total of ten hours of trekking and one pissed off boss to deal with my unexcused absence the next day.

Well anyhow, it shows how things can get screwed up and how people are just links in the chain. The one bright ray of sunshine was that I did not lose my other lower paying job! Thanks AnAmerican for cheering me up!



1 Response to “185.Wal Mart & The Wanderingvet:A Tale of Woe”

  1. December 12, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Good to have you back sharing your stories of life. As for this Walmart antic, amazing that Walmart dismissed someone who has such good intentions & qualifications~definitely Walmart’s loss.

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