187. What Next?






      What do you do in life?

If one loses everything, including loved ones, achievements, status, place in the world to include ones employment, home and self identity what does one do?

I have often pondered this question in my travels and travails. Does one look for the perfect spot to start over? Does one stay in one spot, possibly melt down or rebuild, or does one just accept that it could have been fate that decreed the collapse and decide to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

I have traveled the past year, sometimes marginally living well, making friends, having the highs and lows in life that normal people have. I often  wonder , what is happiness? I remember being happy once a while back, and at times I think I get on that level again just to find that it is not what I think I want. Does that make me a malcontent? A troublemaker? Or just one that is trying to find the right location to restart my life?

Is the perfect life out there? Where are  some of the homeless ideologists  who have different thoughts? Since I do love statistics, I am more amazed about the numbers of homeless that are not substance abusers. In the majority of reporting on homelessness, it is more foucused towards the stereotypical or “Hollywood Homeless” portrayal.


After one loses everything of meaning, is one free then to just “Homestead”? What I mean basically, pick up and just go where the spirit takes them? Seeking the place that speaks to them and says “this is where I/you/we belong”.


In reading and following the news, I see trends. Recently Chrysler and GM are thinking of a merger. What are all of those lower level employees going to do if merged? Honestly a lot of them will be hitting the bricks. Finding a new life that is for sure.

It is strange to me that news networks and the government statistics say national unemployment is at about 6.9 percent. Of course in most states those statistics only carry back 160 days maximum so the people that have been dropped from receiving unemployment insurance in a lot of states are not counted on the unemployment reports. So essentially our national unemployment is probably higher than reported.

The mortgage mess might have been blamed on the banking institutions and Wall Street, but there is one issue that media does not really cover or at least I rarely hear about them saying. You have to have a paycheck to pay the mortgage! Period! If you are cutback, laid off, business was closed, or whatever you don’t have the money to pay the mortgage to the bank and thus the banks run into their issues of mortgage defaults.

So what should the common man do? Wallow in self pity, find a minimum wage job that leaves him tied to misery and possibly ground floor opportunity again to rebuild along with millions of Americans in this same boat, or move on to something different, either in a new location, lifestyle, or dreams?

Many people are at a cross roads in their lives where they are at a point where they were forced to possibly have the greatest “Do Over” in their lives. We just went through one in the 1990’s that is for sure.

It is sort of funny  as I am someone that used to do a lot of new homeownership applications about 3 to 5 years ago.  Even back then I thought  banks will have to  loosen up their credit standards to once again allow mortgages, new construction and other industry to flourish. In the 90’s there was a mortgage lending recovery from the collapse and high interest defaults of the mid 80’s where many families during that time frame lost homes as well. The wheel turned full circle again, this time the banks exposure was just larger to the public investors.

Anyway, there is no form of subsidized crisis counseling for all of the Americans that are facing hardship and ruin through corporate and government mismanagement. As Americans we keep re-electing the same idiots every time they run for election. Change we can believe in? We have to change ourselves and thinking first. Our founding fathers did not create  Congress to become a professional job. Congress members were  meant to  serve and then return to  farms or business, not retire from Congress. Fresh ideas and people bring change and keep the government focused, like Presidential term limits.

I believe during this period, many new ideas, lifestyles, dreams sought and found, others trampled, increased mental illness due to stress, increased substance abuse prozac etc..(crank up more TV commercials there, pharmaceutical firms….lobby congress to allow tranquilizer ads), crime related to increased poverty from former middle class, and fights between the old homeless vs. nouveau homeless over who gets the best pan handling spots.

Congress wants to bailout all of these companies supposedly because their stocks are tied up in retirement funds, 401k accounts and the like. They also know that a lot of Americans have had to cash out their 401k’s or borrow against them to live the past year . The banks already received a lot of  401k money while they were trying to keep their homes before foreclosure set in.

So what happens to all the people that used to have something to do in life that no longer have anything to do,  or a place to return to at night? What do we do  now?



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