189. Doing Unto Others During 2009


During the holiday season the world takes on a more caring attitude towards those in need. Many folks make a point to contribute to those less fortunate during this one time of the year. The choice of charitable giving during the holiday season is vast. There are children who need toys, medical organizations who support various diseases, and communities with citizens who could use some kindness and compassion to make their life brighter during this time of the year .

This year there are more Americans who find themselves homeless during the holiday season than in years past …and by all accounts 2009 will see even more Americans slip into homelessness. Included in our growing homeless population are veterans. As we continue our military presence in The Middle East, our veterans often arrive stateside with combat related injuries that can put them at risk for homelessness. There are so many people in our communities that can benefit from compassionate contributions of the season. In the case of our homeless Americans, there is a daily need for shelter , food & supportive services that continues well past the holidays.

As the holidays draw to a close and we face the New Year wouldn’t it be wonderful for all if we focused on upholding the spirit of the holidays throughout the days of 2009?

“Do Unto Others as You Want to be Treated” is the Golden Rule that is known as a great moral truth and influential idea throughout many cultures. We can all do well in remembering this in our daily interactions with the homeless during 2009. Imagine yourself in the exact place of a person who is homeless. Would you want to be looked in the eyes and addressed with respect or would you rather be given looks of disdain and have others avoid interactions with you? If you were homeless would you appreciate having a safe, warm bed to get some much needed rest or would you rather choose to find a spot in your community where you might be arrested for sleeping in public? If you act in a given way toward another, and yet are unwilling to be treated that way in the same circumstances, then you violate the rule.

Wanderingvets wishes all who pass this way a very Happy New Year and urge all of us to reach out to our homeless citizens with a spirit of fairness and concern that lie at the heart of morality.


1 Response to “189. Doing Unto Others During 2009”

  1. December 30, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    As an active volunteer in homeless outreach, I can definitely say that looking a homeless person in the eye and speaking to them like anyone else is very gratifying to them. One of the most demeaning things is to be avoided and ignored like you are less than nothing.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. Best wishes!

    – Schev

    Thank you for sharing your insight on how we all can give the gift of respect to our homeless citizens. Keep up your good works throughout 2009!

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