198. Mr. Obama’s Faulty Logic

The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye

Dear Friends:

The other day I was watching President Obama in a press conference where he stated that he and his administration has created or saved over 150,000 jobs.  I said to myself, Damn that man cannot add or subtract. The next day Chrysler announced they were cutting between 8,500 to 11,ooo jobs in the next few days as well as letting go 13,ooo workers over the next three years. Mr. Obama has a problem with math as you will see…

That is just great since in his first 100 days in office his administration had lost over 2.7 million jobs and had a steady increase of foreclosed homes and increases in homelessness so far under his watch.

From The Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In March (2009), the number of unemployed persons increased by 694,000 to 13.2 million, and the unemployment rate rose to 8.5 percent.  Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed persons has grown by about 5.3 million, and the unemployment rate has risen by 3.4 percentage points. Half of the increase in both the number of unemployed and the unemployment rate occurred in the last 4 months.

150,000 jobs (created or saved according to Mr. Obama) – 2,700,000 lost jobs = Still is not even close to what President Obama said about his first 100 days in office.

OK things are getting worse, things are definitely CHANGING and there has not been a solution to the problem given by Mr. Obama. Problems have spiraled out of control in our economy and our officials keep wanting to add more STIMULUS? Not sure we can take anymore of the stimulus that this nation cannot payback since we have to borrow all of this money from CHINA in the first place.

How can our leaders conscientiously do this without facing the reality? China is already flooding our market with products in every WalMart in our towns! Look around your residences and really look hard for MADE IN AMERICA. Actually one of the worst things in this country is our trade deficit.

So all of this stimulus is for naught currently as long as we are doing the same old things. When I lost my home and job, I lost everything else I had that could not be packed on my back or carried easily. Unfortunately I am not the only one that has had this experience. Whole industries have tanked. The Fortune 500 company I formerly worked for had laid off over 17,000 employees in the U.S. and filed bankruptcy. Now the only employees there basically are the CEO and the In House Counsel that is dealing with the Bankruptcy (I am sure they will get a nice Golden Parachute too). How many employees does a company have to have before the government steps in and tries to negotiate with creditors?

13.2 million people unemployed! Homelessness estimated to reach over 2.6 million! Mr. Obama, I believe you should quit pumping money into hemorrhaging corporations first but try to ease the American Workers suffering now.

 No parts of the bailouts has really worked for the benefit of the average U.S. Citizen. It possibly has helped a handful maybe. Neither have these corporate leaders a real plan it seems but to retire while they may still be eligible for their own pensions and bonuses while our political leaders are dealing with not a single matter pertaining to “Of the People or By the People or For the People”. Ask yourself  “If I was a Congressman or President, what do I feel I would need to do for my City/State and its citizens?” Now compare it to what you are seeing and hearing. It will probably not be anything you are seeing on the news or feel that they need to be doing.

Now look at your local newspaper, even if you are currently employed and look at what is available for employment. Think about how you would compete against 13.2 million people for that job! I am currently under-employed and have sent hundreds of resumes to companies as well as walking in and cold calling to fill out an application in case there was a position available that day. There are millions of us all in the same boat.

I have yet to see the government address the individual citizens fears or concerns.

I was looking on the Department of Labor’s web site about job training programs.  Funny thing was they refer you to a web site on how to get a student loan! Fortunately for me I am single and do not have the stresses of providing for a family. I was able to weather a tremendous loss of income due to the fact that I had lost it all already and had to rebuild not just possessions lost, but to re-tool myself in skills needed for both survival as well as to earn a livelihood. Maybe psychologically some of us are stronger and able to adapt while others circumstances preclude that.

One thing for sure is too many white collar jobs are Gone With The Wind and will not be back any time soon. There are times being highly educated is not enough and one has to train into a skill to live.

Mr. Obama’s administration needs to quit piddling around trying to save companies but now try to save the workers. They need to face real facts here and using an example is the Chrysler Bailout. Chrysler was still going to have layoffs and close some of their factories ANYWAYS!  Many of those auto workers were unfortunately already doomed to lose those jobs.

What Mr. Obama’s administration should have been and should be currently doing is working on what are we going to do to re-employ all of these workers. How are we going to keep these people from losing everything they ever worked for. How are we going to feed for our citizens? How about their health care for them and their families since they have now lost their group coverage insurance?

With 13.2 million unemployed workers and the onset of the dramatic increases in homelessness in this nation, lets face the truth it is time for the President to quit sticking his fingers in the dike with these bailout packages and deal with the problem the people are waist deep in. These companies even if bailed out were going to slash the workforces and  had no intention of taking care of their own, just themselves.

During the Great Depression the average household lost over 40% of their incomes, their houses, besides their jobs and  lasted close to 10 years up until the onset of World War II. Unemployment rates in some cities such as Toledo, Ohio topped 80% unemployment.  

Our elected officials need to direct their energies on its citizens. The American citizen has the greatest need since 1939 and should be the fore thought of every elected official during these difficult times. The losses our citizens have sustained are catastrophic and need to be addressed and aided not ignored until it is even more catastrophic and there are even more Tent Cities for municipalities to fuss about.



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