201. Ten Trillion Dollar Bailout For Business and Zero For You


According to the Associated Press:

Social Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than previously expected, the government warned Tuesday.

Wow! like we did not know this already? That with money going to Bailout companies like AIG (who paid themselves bonuses), GM & Chrysler (who are still filing for Bankruptcy), as well as the other large Fortune 500 companies that are laying off rapidly (See Layoff Tracker).

Ok maybe I missed how saving these companies that are in a natural course of readjustment from mismanagement deserved all of this cash from the U.S. Government, while the Fed, congress and our president has mismanaged our Medicare and Social Security Systems (which we pay into from our earnings).

Our elected officials have now come to the conclusion that it would now be prudent to raise retirement age of everyone born after 1960 to qualify for Social Security – a benefits cut, as well as to deny the cost of living raise for 2010 – 2011 to benefit recipients.

On the Medicare / Health Care front line: The Obama idea is to possibly create a new Health Care System. Other ideas that are being bandied about is reducing costs through limiting treatment options for patients.

The Federal Government with the votes of the House of Representatives, Senate and Presidential signatures have raided the health care and social security coffers and left an I.O.U. in the vault in the form of a Trust Bond. Since the Bailout they have allocated 10.5 Trillion dollars to ailing companies while we are going to have a negative balance in the Medicare Trust of over -140 Billion dollars in the next 8 years.

Hmmm 10.5 trillion dollars to business and an ailing health care system…where should the money have gone between these companies or their employees now laid off and needing health care and other benefits. Right now Medicaid’s and Social Security I.O.U’s are to be paid, the U.S. will have to borrow the money from overseas yet again. Another bill to be paid by us forever.

The officials, appointed and elected that are in charge of overseeing our health and social services systems are not even backing up the ones who elected them to their offices currently. Why did they not bailout the trust fund first? To me a leaders responsibility is to take care of the people first, Just as the military leaders creed is “Mission First, Men Always”.

There was roughly 309,000,000 Americans of all ages as of January 2009. If the $10,500,000,000,000.00 was spent on its citizens, it would have equaled close to giving $34,000.00 per citizen including infants. A family of three would have received $102,000.00 Imagine that! For just a fraction of those trillions, Homelessness in this country could almost have been eradicated, mental illness addressed, health issues covered, mortgage foreclosures ceased, unemployment insurance completely funded, workers training programs expanded, and Social Security and Medicare completely bailed out.

Imagine… how many foreclosures would have been averted! The banks would not have needed a bailout for all of the money that would have streamed in! Imagine the cars that would have been purchased, homes purchased / mortgages paid off, and all of the jobs saved and created! Veterans compensations, VA Upgrades, Retirement accounts saved due to all of the cash influxes….

Of course we cannot be trusted to care for ourselves. The money is now gone into the mismanaged coffers of industry and never to be seen again.



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