209. No Medications for Veterans

VA Healthcare Down The Tubes?

Lately the VA has had a hard time filling prescriptions due to increased oversight on amounts of medications being prescribed by its medical affiliates (The VA’s Excuse)

The funny thing about the VA’s medical affiliates is that almost all VA Medical Centers or VAMC’s are co-located adjacent to almost every states top medical colleges.

Recently due to a “mis-order” the VA pharmacy system is running short of medication for all IN PATIENT as well as out patient clients. It is now normal for a veteran to be handed a photocopied IOU for the medication that cannot be filled though they are coaxed to sign as they have received it. This disorder is now system wide, and rampant through out the system. First discovered in Birmingham, AL and reported to the Birmingham News of all places in over two months it has yet to correct itself.

Part of this shortage is due to the US Government not allowing all FDA approved drugs to be prescribed at VA Hospitals. Due to costs some vets are forced to use drugs that are “not as good” and that their Physician “would not normally prescribe”.

These shortages are often more than 20 days late now in being made to current. One of the drugs (Verapamil) is a blood pressure medication. It seems that the VA is trying to kill veterans by not dealing with this new issue. A few months ago the VA delayed a few thousand pensions by a few days due to a shortfall in the coffer / double checking of certain veterans that had long since over ten years plus never had a problem with their deposited pensions. According to the VA it was a arduous process and one VA service employee said “I am getting so sick of them doing this stuff.”


NOTE; The VA and Public Health Service (PHS) are the models of current administration health reform for the rest of us. The problems above are affecting all Veterans and Native Americans as well as those others relying on these services.


1 Response to “209. No Medications for Veterans”

  1. 1 Sammy Walker
    October 12, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Looking for Korean War Veteran by the name of William aka Bill Charleymaine or Charleymane or Charliemaine, I’m not quite sure of the correct spelling of the last name. Bill is from Kentucky he is a caucasian male between 75 years of age and 85 years of age. I heard he went to the VA hospital in Westwood, CA located on Sawtelle Blvd; for double hip surgery. his friends at Mc Donalds. and at Rite Aid Pharmacy, located at Sawtelle and National Blvd; miss him and we are trying to get in touch with him. If you know his whereabouts please tell him to call Friends @ Rite Aid Pharmacy, and Friends @Mc Donalds, especially Sammy.

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