Wanderingvets.com is a charitable network of friends that work together in cities and communities across the United States to attempt to ease homelessness among Homeless Veterans.

The mission of Wanderingvets.com is:

To establish a network of dedicated individuals, either veteran or non veteran, formerly homeless or never been homeless, though with true spirit of brotherhood, compassion and desire to help those that have served their nation and the desire to return to as much of a productive life as possible.

The Veterans Administration Claims that over 70% of Homeless Veterans are Substance Abusers or Mentally Ill. There are veterans on the streets of America that are undiagnosed PTSD / TBI sufferers that have been ignored by the Veterans Administration for over 60 years including those that had served in World War II.

Substance Abuse is in the mix of the mentally ill Homeless Veteran as they become self medicating. Alcohol and drugs do come into usage and lend to the problems of the Homeless Veteran as they become detached from everyday life.

As the VA has tried to distance itself from these issues, it has fallen to a few “Advocates” to pick up the ball and see this through. With OEF and OIF veterans returning as well as the previous numbers of Homeless Veterans this issue has continued to grow regardless of what the Veterans Administration tries to claim otherwise.

The mission Wanderingvets.com is to get inside the VA’s, homeless shelters, and even out on the streets to assist these Homeless Veterans receive needed services, housing and benefits.

It is through building trust and friendship that this will work. Anyone interested please email Wanderingvet@wanderingvets.com



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Wanderingvet@wanderingvets.com AnAmerican@wanderingvets.com

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