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207. Mobile VA Clinics for Tampa Veterans

Wanderingvets recently received this notification of mobile health services within the Tampa area:

James A. Haley Veterans hospital in Tampa Florida is pleased to announce the release of our new Mobile Outreach Clinic, It will be in our community delivering flu shots, homeless assistance, and so much more.

More information about services of this mobile clinic for the Tampa area can be found at The Department of Veterans’s Affairs/


183. The VA: Increasing The Risk of Homelessness Among Veterans

x9hzqca7fezdpcablha8ycabhh0jaca1prty9cara2tccca67ect4cap5eo2pcav4ja4pca31tm4cca7tcxwrcag0v8g5ca3a2ogqcaieoy7xcad994x0caev49lmcautrdu6cae9t5h5cabx5uihThe causes leading to  homelessness in our veteran population are varied and diverse. There is a unique story behind each veteran who finds themselves homeless. Certainly, reentry into civilian life after being discharge from military service brings with it many factors that can increase the likelihood of a veteran finding themselves homeless. One of the factors that puts our veterans at risk for homelessness is the delay in the VA granting approval for disablity benefits to veterans who sustain a military related injury.

Recently 2 veterans groups have filed legal action against the Veterans Adminsitration Continue reading ‘183. The VA: Increasing The Risk of Homelessness Among Veterans’


182. Remembering Veterans 365 Days a Year


I’ve always been amused by the tradition of designating one day each year to celebrate  the importance of various groups. Don’t get me wrong. I think honoring people is important but it’s also important to carry this sense of honor for people throughout the entire year .  When it comes to honoring our Veterans we should carry a sense of gratitude each and every day of the year for all of our Veterans who have given so much to this country. And during each day of the year we should honor these brave soldiers by deeds that show how much we appreciate their sacrifices. Continue reading ‘182. Remembering Veterans 365 Days a Year’


179. Making This Country a Good Place for All


This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.            Theodore Roosevelt

With the recent events of the past weeks and the staggering money placed into the financial markets, it is good to see that there is also being money being funded for those Americans who could really use a helping hand.  These Americans who I am referring to are our veterans who find themseves homeless. Unlike the CEOs of corporate America, our homeless veterans aren’t  asking for another million dollars in severance packages or an all expense vacation to a resort funded by our government .  In fact,many of our proud homeless veterans don’t ask for anything at all.  Continue reading ‘179. Making This Country a Good Place for All’


174. VA Mobile Healthcare Clinics

“VA is committed to providing primary care and mental health care for veterans in rural areas,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. “Health care should be based upon the needs of patients, not their ability to travel to a clinic or medical center.”US Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Many veterans who live in rural America will benefit from the following intitative from The Veteran Administration Health Centers. In a response to the rising needs of our veterans who are returning from the Middle East, the problem of access to healthcare is being addressed. Research from VA studies revealed that 44 percent of service members today come from rural towns. For veterans who live in rural areas of the US health care services will be arriving to remote areas via outfitted mobile vans to provide primary care and mental health screening services. Continue reading ‘174. VA Mobile Healthcare Clinics’


Homeless / Missing Veteran Search Page UPDATE 8/26/2008

John Arnold Turko added 8/26/2008

Please Check Out The Following Link For Information On This Veteran And Others…

This page was created to assist families and friends reunite with missing / homeless loved ones.


166. Mystery Caller and the VA Helpline

Dear Friends:

Sometimes my inbox receives some incredible articles. Here is one for Veterans that I feel is important to share that was sent to me courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A full copy of the article is attached below. One can also receive the wrong information from the VA showing up in person as well. Articles like this make one need to learn more and know your veterans rights.

Mystery caller and VA help line


The mystery caller dialed the Department of Veterans Affairs help line 1,089 times in 2002. And it created quite a problem. Continue reading ‘166. Mystery Caller and the VA Helpline’

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