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210. Secretary Shinseki’s Message to Gulf War Veterans.

August 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War, launched with Operation Desert Shield and followed by Operation Desert Storm. VA honors this milestone with a renewed commitment to improving our responsiveness to the challenges facing Gulf War Veterans.

First and foremost, VA is an advocate for Veterans – we are committed to finding innovative solutions to long standing issues and to empowering Veterans and other stakeholders to be a part of the solution.

VA recognizes and values the selfless service and sacrifice of Gulf War Veterans and their families, and continues our efforts to address the unique health needs of Gulf War Veterans.

Today, more than 250,000 Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield Veterans receive disability benefits from VA. VA has treated nearly 150,000 Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield Veterans for illnesses associated with their military service. We vow to reach more of these Veterans and have taken steps to do so. Earlier this year, VA proposed a new rule to make it easier for Gulf War-era Veterans to obtain disability compensation and related health care. This rule, once it takes effect, will grant presumptive service-connection for nine infectious diseases associated with military service in Southwest Asia and Afghanistan.

In addition, VA’s ongoing Gulf War research and Task Force efforts continue to examine multisymptom illnesses, and other conditions associated with service in this conflict. VA continues to participate in Federal research efforts on Gulf War illnesses, contributing more than $158 million of the $406 million in total Federal commitment.

VA is taking bold steps forward in how we consider and address the challenges facing Gulf War Veterans as well as the challenges facing all Veterans. Our commitment to the Nation’s Veterans is unwavering.

As your Secretary and fellow Veteran, I pay tribute to all of you who so bravely served and thank all Gulf War Veterans for their heroic efforts. Our Nation owes you a debt of gratitude. We acknowledge and honor the contributions of your service. Thank you.
–Eric K. Shinseki


Who’s Counting? Parts I – IV

This is the compilation of the four articles that were written on the Subject of HUD/VA methods of counting the Homeless in the United States. It has been condensed into one spot for easier searching and reading…

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145. Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina

 NC Governor Mike Easley


To Be Political… is not me

I am going to make a political statement for North Carolina.

Governor Mike Easley took close to 1 million dollars for a grant from VA and HUD to refer veterans back to his own state agencies. These monies did nothing more than go into other peoples pockets. These grants were earmarked for homeless veterans and then rediverted.

Creating a phone line to redirect caller veterans back to the VA or other state departments under the guise of the Governors Charities… or the Governors Trust whatever. 

  I have a Mike Easley story about how money paves the way… Continue reading ‘145. Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina’


142. Who’s Counting Part III

(Abandoned Homeless campsite Seattle suburb)

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets…

This is Part III in a series of how Local, State, and Federal agencies undercount homelessness in this nation through intentional and unintentional methodology…

In King County Washington, there is the Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness who came up with these 2008 Unsheltered Homeless Counts. At the rate that HUD and the VA processes data currently this data will show up correalated in the 2010 – 2011 homeless year reportings.

King County 2008 One Night Homeless Unsheltered Homeless Count

King County, Washington is 2,126 square miles. that means according to this count, they found over 1.23 homeless people per square mile of county.

They would have found more if King County and the Continuum of Care that HUD boasts about had really counted… Continue reading ‘142. Who’s Counting Part III’


139. Homeless City, USA

I have ideas at times on ending homelessness in America. I often dream up my best ideas on my long walks to work. I walk rain, snow or sunshine. This is to remind me everyday of what the homeless in this country  are doing that day and experiencing also.


In the media, besides foreclosures leading the headlines, there are also new ordinances for further prosecution of the homeless as well as the government giving out increased subsidies for inefficient ethanol production. Going to ethanol by using corn has increased the cost of food, since corn is used in syrups, feeds and other common staples.

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138. Who’s Counting? Part II

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

As I stated in Part I, there are problems with a lot of the survey data regarding homelessness in America and the fact that too many are too willing to reproduce this information to the masses. I summed up in the previous article how those that advocate for the homeless as well as the media have not researched but blindly parrot what is told to them brings harm to Homeless Veterans as well as the Homeless population as a whole.

The VA, in trying to say that it is reducing homelessness in America due to the fact that a lot of World War II and Korean War Veterans have passed on, is purely a load of crap. I have received a few emails saying that I am tough on the VA here, but I have a few simple ways to prove what they have stated is incorrect and just something they said to cover that they actually have done nothing new to ease Veteran Homelessness.

Actually the VA considers those that read their memos and reports to be thoroughly pliant to their statements, completely stupid or a combination of all of the previous. In having Senator Daniel Akaka squawking what a great job they have done in reducing homelessness, I am beginning to believe that we need to do a better job in selecting people who we elect to represent us in government.
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137. Who’s Counting / Part 1

arlington.jpg(This is where the VA says a lot of Homeless Veterans found housing last year!)

I have thoroughly written numerous discourses on the state of homelessness in this nation when it comes to how the Department of Veterans Affairs has been handling it jointly with Housing and Urban Development.

I found an interesting quote from John Burroughs (1837-1921), an American essayist and naturalist from earlier last century, who said:

It is always easier to believe than to deny. Our minds are naturally affirmative.

When VA Secretary James Peake stated that Veteran Homelessness fell by 40,000 or 21% of the Homeless Veterans, without explanation as to how the VA accomplished this miracle, he must have been thinking of Burroughs.

The now departing HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, in his 2007 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, stated that Homelessness had not increased nor decreased in the United States in over ten years. On March 31st 2008, he stated in his resignation speech that during his tenure he had “reduced chronic homelessness.” If homelessness neither went up nor down, how did he reduce it?

These agencies used the News Media (Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, Associated Press, Reuters) and nonprofits such as the National Alliance to End Homelessness and the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans, among others, to parrot this incorrect information. I strongly fault all of the above for not RESEARCHING before reporting, or following up.

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