This Page is a listing of all Homeless and Missing Veterans with people looking for them.

If you have a Homeless or Missing Veteran that you are searching for please send their Name, Date of birth or approximate age, last known location, and a most recent photo if available. Make sure your contact information includes an email address or a phone number and email it to: Subject: Homeless / Missing Veteran

Current Homeless or Missing Veterans:

Smith, Solomon

(possibly in Alabama): Age is late 50’s to early 60’s. African American Male. Please Contact John J Weiss, US Army Retired


Benjamin Santiago

DOB: 10/24/1946

United States Marine Corps. or


John Arnold Turko

DOB: 1/21/1937

United States Marine Corps.

Height: 5’5″ Weight: Unknown

Last Known Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada also known to have been in San Diego and Van Nuys, CA as well as Quartzsite, AZ.

Medical Conditions: High Blood Pressure and diagnosed schizophrenia

Please contact: Mike Turko (562) 980-2128


Josiah G. Wilson

Name: Josiah G. Wilson
DOB: 03.25.83
Military: Navy
Last Post: Boxer, San Diego, CA
Last known location: Athens, Greece and prior to that 408 25th St. SE B16, Auburn, WA 98002. Josiah was deported from Greece to Los Angeles, CA May of 2007 but disappeared from the airport.  PET reported that decompensation was not enough to detain him.

Josiah is retired from the Navy last ship the Boxer stationed in San Diego, DOB 03.25.85.  Thank you for listening and hope to hear from you as I miss my son very much and feel helpless that I cannot locate him and neither the Navy nor the VA will assist me.

Please contact or if you have any information about Josiah.


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