To assist homeless veterans find a way out of the holes they have found themselves in through either proper treatment from the Veterans Administration or by assisting them to gain a foothold back into a normal pattern of life off the streets. To make the homeless veteran know that they are cared for and that they can return to life as they once knew it with dignity.

For the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Administration to both improve their levels of service and care for those they have been charged to care for. To eliminate red tape on pensions and compensations, delays in medical care, and any other means to insure our Warriors present and in the future are cared for in the most respectful and expeditious manner. To get the VA to quit living in denial and take those steps forward in dealing with situations that they have created.

That our Fraternal Veterans Organizations that are collecting dues in the name of past glories and purporting themselves as being for the Veteran stand up with their mission statements and review their original goals so they know what is in them and start acting in the manners in which they were founded. That they begin again to be what they were once glorified for being, a proactive defender of veterans rights, and not a back bencher as they are today.

Encourage all current organizations that are currently accepting monies from the VA grant programs for homeless veteran programs or public donations to get out of the “fugue” states that they are currently finding themselves in and back into an energized state. The current levels of apathy I have seen at all levels is shockingly depressing. To improve the levels of service, and caring. To improve motivating the homeless veteran to from the street to mainstream. To stop using donated money on frivolous salaries and fund raising expenses.

To make communities and individuals more alert to the fact that there are homeless veterans living among them. That 1 out of every 3 homeless people is a VETERAN. That help is not something that is a federal program or a state program but sometimes just something simple as a bottle of water sometimes. To become proactive in the community when municipal leaders are “railing” against the homless and “herding” them out of towns. Become part of the solution and not apathetic. Help when you can. These warriors served you, please help them.

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