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155. What do Homeless Sweeps Really Say About Us?

Photo of clean up after a homeless sweep in Seattle by Erica Shultz/The Seattle Times


Sweep is defined as:

a: to remove from a surface with or as if with a broom or brush  table> b: to destroy completely : c: to remove or take with a single continuous forceful action  d: to remove from sight or consideration  e: to drive or carry along with irresistible force

There has been alot of news lately about widespread homeless sweeps throughout the US. Just the defintion of this act denotes the unethical act it really is…. a forceful removal of people without a home. Included in homeless sweeps is the confiscation of personal property. Local governments are going into places where the homeless are trying to survive, ceasing property of those who live in poverty and claiming that they are doing their civic duty….to me this is a sad commentary on the lack of moral focus that seems to be  pervasive in our country. Continue reading ‘155. What do Homeless Sweeps Really Say About Us?’


86.I work for tips? Thank You For Your Service

28928751211.jpgDear Friends:

I am working this job on the docks and been killing myself building and moving china hutches and other huge pieces of furniture for the holiday. Today I am so sore that I can barely move. Funny things  happen in my life. This goes back to previous articles I have written about not dressing like a homeless bum and maintaining some sort of grooming and hygiene standard. Continue reading ’86.I work for tips? Thank You For Your Service’


85.My New Days…City Life


Dear Friends:

I must admit I am having a hard time adapting to being inside a city. There is so much noise and light pollution in comparison to a mountain side. I could at least lay back on the side of “my mountain” and think clearly and feel safe. I feel my stress levels are increasing everyday here. I came into the city for my medical reasons. I was told by the VA I had to be near this particular hospital or risk having to start my whole treatment and compensation and pension series over again. I feel like a prisoner! Continue reading ’85.My New Days…City Life’


82.Therapeutic Work Experiences

The Ministry Of Truth

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

After reading these VA Memos (especially yesterday’s in article 81) I feel like Winston Smith in George Orwell’s book 1984.  I sometimes wonder if the Veterans Administration does not have their own Ministry of Truth! Continue reading ’82.Therapeutic Work Experiences’


76.Oh My Aching Job Search…Thanks VA

VA Screws Its Homeless Labor Workforce Dear Friends:

I was searching the newspapers for jobs like I always do when I came across this dandy one. I had just finished a days LABOR trying to build up the coffers that were emptied out by my recent illness. Imagine how I almost threw up when I found this employment ad from my favorite EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. To say the least, my assets were a little chapped. Continue reading ’76.Oh My Aching Job Search…Thanks VA’


75.My Agenda

My Agenda 

Boy did I get some ripping emails this past few days from some mad folks at an American Legion in Vermont! Really shook them up! I am glad too as maybe it will filter around in circles to others. Continue reading ’75.My Agenda’


73.The VA’s Continuum of Care…The Final Frontier

Where Have You Gone? 

These are the Voyages of the Wanderingvet, His aimless mission, to go where no homeless veteran has gone before 

Homeless Log: Definition of a Continuum: a noun, a continuous extent, series, or whole. How does this fit the “Continuum of Care” as the rest of us experienced have experienced it? Not exactly the same does it.

Continue reading ’73.The VA’s Continuum of Care…The Final Frontier’

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