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207. Mobile VA Clinics for Tampa Veterans

Wanderingvets recently received this notification of mobile health services within the Tampa area:

James A. Haley Veterans hospital in Tampa Florida is pleased to announce the release of our new Mobile Outreach Clinic, It will be in our community delivering flu shots, homeless assistance, and so much more.

More information about services of this mobile clinic for the Tampa area can be found at The Department of Veterans’s Affairs/


195. Female Veterans Struggle with PTSD Treatment


The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the most sustained combat operations since the Vietnam War. A wealth of research has shown convincingly that the frequency and intensity of exposure to combat experiences is strongly associated with the risk of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD; APA, 1994) and related impairment (Kaylor, King, & King, 1987). As a result, there is good reason to be more concerned about the long-term mental health toll associated with these new wars than with the toll of other post-Vietnam War operations, such as the mission to Somalia (Litz, Orsillo, Friedman, Ehlich, & Batres, 1997) and the 1991 Persian Gulf War (Wolfe, Erickson, Sharkansky, King, & King, 1999). Only one comprehensive study has examined the mental health impact of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (Hoge et al., 2004). This study evaluated active-duty soldiers’ reports of various war-zone experiences and the rates of mental health problems; the estimated risk for PTSD from service in the Iraq War was much higher than from service in the Afghanistan mission (18% vs. 11%, respectively). In both contexts, reports of combat exposure were highly associated with the risk of PTSD.  (National Center for PTSD)

Females make up about 20% of today’s military personnel.  There are also almost 2 million women veterans in the United States.  However, the Iraq war marks the first time in our country’s history when woman have been widely exposed to the front lines of combat.  The statistics support the fact that PTSD is a real and all too common consequence of combat for all our military~both male and females alike. Unfortunately, our VA services have yet to keep up with the needs of our female veterans when it comes to providing services for PTSD. Continue reading ‘195. Female Veterans Struggle with PTSD Treatment’


144. Why we Count Part IV – The Final Conclusions

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

In researching these articles, talking with other advocates and agencies that compile these reports, I admit I have become overwhelmed at the laxness of the public, media, municipal, state and federal governments / agencies, as well as the tirelessness of agencies trying to keep the issues of homelessness in this country at the forefront.

The first is the VA and HUD:

HUD has stated that homelessness in America has remained neutral at 754,000 Homeless Person in this nation. If you consider the fact that demands for emergency housing are up 22% according to the National League of Cities that number could be up and above 920,000 people. One can also infer from this 22% increase that the numbers of unsheltered homeless are skyrocketing since shelter space is limited. Continue reading ‘144. Why we Count Part IV – The Final Conclusions’


131. Presidential Candidates Forget Vets Again

presidents.jpg Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

After the departure of a certain candidate from running for president, there has been total silence on homeless veterans among the political candidates running for office. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Others are suddenly silent for months regarding Homeless Veterans. Actually no candidates for office are talking about them anymore…

Since then, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Dr. James Peake has announced a miracle of 21% reduction in veteran homelessness due to the fact that World War II and Korean War Veterans have died at a rate of over 1,000 a day. This supposedly reduced the number of homeless veterans by over 40,000. Good Job VA!

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson has stated in the 2007 Annual Homeless Assessment Report presented before Congress that: Homelessness remained level regardless of the fact that there was a 6% increase in population since the last survey.

Last evening on CNN there was over 40,000 foreclosures for February

During this accounting period for 2008 during what is a 90 day count for homelessness. According to the last year survey, at least for the month of February, 1,000 of those people excluding family members will have ended up in emergency shelters. If you add those from apartment evictions that is greater than 12,000 excluding family members. 

I do not understand how Mr. Jackson and HUD can say that Homelessness has stayed level after 26 straight months of record foreclosures and evictions from apartments. The only way the VA can say that Veteran Homelessness reduced was through the mortality rate and not through anything they have accomplished to relieve the statistic otherwise.



103.Smoke and Mirrors sponsored by the Veterans Administration

3140397097.jpgI recently read a post by my friend SLOHomeless where he was talking about renewable resources. As I was reading I thought of my friends who report to Congress and write those jazzy memos over at the Veterans Administration.

The one issue that they hate reporting is that Veterans are a renewable resource in homelessness. The VA has constantly been down playing how many homeless veterans there actually are in this nation. I found a month back a report in The State of Kentucky and matched that states report versus the report filed by the Veterans Administration (I used a snapshot page here from the NAEH based on VA and HUD data for your perusal,  just roll over the State of Kentucky on this map), and there was quite a difference. On the State of Kentucky’s website they state that there are 3,500 homeless veterans state wide, with over 1,000 identified by the Louisville, KY VA Hospital. Now that is quite a wide margin over the 425 that the VA is reporting. Continue reading ‘103.Smoke and Mirrors sponsored by the Veterans Administration’

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