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206. 8 to 12 Hugs a Day?


Dear Friends:

Today August 18th 2009 was a most dysfunctional reality check at the V.A.

One of my close ,old friends who is a long time Wanderingvets supporter and who is also aiding me while I am in North Carolina dealing with my health issues, picked me up this morning and drove me to the VA for a scheduled Compensation and Pension Examination.

Arriving promptly at 9AM for my scheduled appointment, I was surprisingly ushered right in to have my vitals checked, all good there (111/71 BP, 97.9 Temp). I was then whisked right across the hall to where I met a very nice PA-C (Certified Physician Assistant). It was all a roller coaster ride after that. Continue reading ‘206. 8 to 12 Hugs a Day?’


204. The Ghost of The Mind



When one finds themselves with too much time on their hands, old memories seep into ones consiciousness more and more. I understand these things first hand and I fear others will soon experience these same memories of better times with the  increase in unemployment and the number of foreclosed homes and displaced families.


It is not uncommon for me to reflect back upon my life, the woulda, shoulda, coulda’s of life in the past. Continue reading ‘204. The Ghost of The Mind’


194. Taking Notice of Our Veterans…At Long Last!


“I have started to meet with, in veterans hospitals, homeless veterans” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, . “And they are every bit as homeless and every bit as tragic as any homeless vet we’ve ever had. We as a country should not allow that to happen.”
Navy Admiral Mike Mullen,Chariman Joint Cheif of Staffs

These were the words of Admiral Mullen as he voiced his concern about the population of our homeless veterans. I was actually delighted to read Admiral Mullen’s statement because it means that homeless veterans are receiving long overdue attention. Actually, there has been quite a bit of government activity lateley regarding our homeless veterans in the media .

Let’s start with some potentially good news regarding homeless veterans. There are several bills that have passed in Congress over the past weeks that will benefit homeless veterans if passed in the Senate:

H.R. 1171, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) Act
, would reauthorize the HVRP program for five years through Fiscal Year 2014. HVRP provides grants to assist homeless veterans in job placement through services such as classroom training, job preparation, and vocational counseling. Continue reading ‘194. Taking Notice of Our Veterans…At Long Last!’


186. Home for The Brave:Part I


Blogging in cyberspace is an interesting endeavor. When you blog on  homeless veterans’ issues it’s a pretty sure bet that most folks who pass by this site do so without much thought to the plight of our homeless veterans. Afterall, just one click will take readers to a variety of topics that are much more lighthearted than hearing about our brave men and women of the military who find themselves living in poverty and without shelter in this country. So, it was with great enthusiasm that Wanderingvets was asked to post an essay about homeless veterans in Maine by a reader who feels that our homeless veterans are deserving of so much more national attention than what they have been given. Wanderingvets feel downright delighted to know that there are people out their who give pause to the plight of our veterans and are honored to be a place where homeless veteran advocates can share their thoughts.

In corresponding with the author of this essay I asked what  infomation they would like to share with readers.

I am a concerned citizen.  I am not a veteran nor is anyone in my family currently in the service, although my husband’s family has a long history of service to the country.  My work involves assisting communities with implementation and use of data collection systems to support homeless advocacy and funding opportunities.  I have two Associate degrees – one in Business and one in Computer Sciences.  I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences as a pre-cursor to a Masters in Research.  My long term goals are to work from my home doing research for communities on social issues.

Homes for the Brave:

Ending Veteran Homelessness in Maine


The United States is known worldwide for its military strength. Since the birth of our nation, we have defended our basic beliefs of freedom on domestic and foreign soil – initially freeing ourselves from legislative and religious persecution, and then providing critical support to allies in times of peace and war, protecting innocent civilians during times of international crisis, providing humanitarian efforts during natural disasters, and more recently, protecting ourselves from the long-extended arm of terrorism. Integral to the success of our military are the thousands of men and women who choose service to country as a career and the thousands more who make up our Reserve forces. In 2007, there were 1,000,000 U.S. citizens in the military1. Continue reading ‘186. Home for The Brave:Part I’


168. The Homeless and Voting



Voter registration at Salvation Army in Bremerton Washington (Source AP)


I’ve often wondered how the homeless of our country get a voice in the political arena of this country. Our constitution gives the promise of a “government by the people” but when one considers the homeless of this country, this is a population that is often considered invisible in the voting polls.

Over the decades great gains have been made in voting rights for all Americans. The list of voting reforms over the years has gradually included many groups of Americans who were discriminated against with voting rules. We have made some significant changes from the original constitutional requirement only allowing white,male property owners the right to place a vote for the governement of this country. Continue reading ‘168. The Homeless and Voting’


146. Tacoma, Washington Chokes off Aid to Homeless forcing Shelter Closure

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

In the news the other day I am saddened to see another shelter of the Homeless being threatened. This time it is in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma is well known as being a national leader in being tough on Homeless Persons. Whenever I think of Tacoma, I think of good old Tom Tuttle from Tacoma from the movie Volunteers. Every time I think of Tacoma, I think of John Candy’s goodly character that joins the Peace Corps to do good in the world and singing “Fight, Fight Fight for Washington State…”. The City of Tacoma is quite the opposite well when it comes to doing good on their own streets. Continue reading ‘146. Tacoma, Washington Chokes off Aid to Homeless forcing Shelter Closure’

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