Tucked throughout the Wanderingvets site are many tips for those who find themselves homeless. This page provides a directory of survival tips from the actual real life adventures of Wanderingvet himself. Comments are welcome…and by all means, if you have survival tips do share.

The Va Card

You and The Police

Panhandling 101 & Budgeting


Midday Cooling and Night Sleeping

Urban Camping

Survival Packing List and Essentials

Survival List Update

Homeless Internet

Truck Stops,Travel & Showers

The Job Search

Shelters,VA and Social Services

Making Rabbit Snares

Homeless Veterans Makeovers: How Not to Dress Like Homeless Person

Urban Camping:Rights of Ways

Survival Tip: Making Fire

Survival Tip: Insulated Waterproof Flooring

Hiking Along Railroad Tracks and Beds

Field Sanitation

Deadfall Traps

How I Live:Part I,The Morning

Sleeping Bag Survival Tips: Wamth, Looking Well Dressed

How I Live: Part 2, The Day or The Night

Emergency Shelter/Tent $1.50

Expedient Shelters

The Perils of Summer:Part I:The Heat

The Perils of Summer:Part 2: Creepy Crawlers


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