This is Wanderingvets List of Boycotted Companies. This list will be modified as some companies will be added for their brainless actions and others will be deleted as they improve their bad behavior. The companies listed below are the current leaders of idiocy against homeless veterans.

Starbucks Shuns Homeless 

Starbucks Coffee for their treatment of Homeless Veterans including a wheelchair bound veteran and those that appeared homeless in their company’s eye as highlighted in Starbucks Says No Coffee For You. Personally anyone that drinks any product of theirs is supporting their views and actions.

Pilot Employee Abuses Homeless Veteran and Calls Police

Pilot Travel Centers and their non respondent Vice President of Operations, Ken Parent. This company has a bad attitude towards this homeless veteran as displayed in Dateline Birmingham.


Wackenhut Security Services for their dedicated lack of training their employees. This lack of training sent one of their armed guards to waste a police officers time while the Wackenhut guard was persecuting a homeless veteran in Dateline Birmingham. These guards are dangerously armed for individuals that do not understand the law, nor properly trained. A Wackenhut guard recently killed an unarmed veteran in front of his girlfriend in a Nashville, TN. Pilot Fuel Center while the two were exchanging an embrace in a vehicle.

Anyone with any information about a company with unexcusable action toward the homeless, please email the details to: Subject: Investigation/Information

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