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Former Non Commissioned and Commissioned Officer of the U.S. Army. Veteran of 11 years of service to include 5 years with the 3rd Infantry Division (MARNE).


2 Responses to “About WanderingVet”

  1. October 22, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Welcome to WordPress wandering vet. I’ve already changed my links to your new site. I happened on the change this morning. Looks good!

    I really do appreciate the sage advice you are giving to the many homeless heroes out there. Tips and tricks, easy ways to do things, advice on how to chose a camp, how to dress, where to go, how to work with police etc. I’ve already copied your post on VA card and some of the survival tips and it has helped a couple of homeless vets we are working with at our church.

    Feel free to use anything I’ve posted on Oldtimer if you find anything there of any use! The idea here is to help guys and gals like you, heroes in need! I recently incorporated your suggestion on hygene kits into my list of supplies and linked both from my “what homeless need most” blog, something I had neglected to do before.

    Thank to you also AnAmerican for being there.


  2. November 25, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    Hi WanderingVet,

    I just found your site/blog and I would like to say, firstly, “Thank you” for your service and sacrifice to our country. Secondly, a big ‘thanks’ must be extended for the service you are providing with this site, as it is a clearinghouse, of sorts, for veterans who are falling through the holes (gigantic craters?) of our system, and who are not being served by the VA, VSOs, or simply their local communities. I read your posting re: the Vermont Am. Legion dinner. It’s learning about things like that that make me just nuts, but which also contribute to my fervent desire to go into veterans’ advocacy and service work.

    I am currently a student at UW Bothell (near Seattle), researching a paper on veteran homelessness (my choice of topic) for my Community Psych. course. I will visit your site often, as I am finishing my degree to go into, ultimately, PTSD and veterans advocacy work. So this is not “just” a quarter-long project for which I am working only for a grade before blithely moving on. I am passionate about these issues, and want to help, now and into the future.

    I also have a WordPress blog at http://tbearly.wordpress.com/, and invite you to take a look – you know, in between finding a way to make $ to eat, live, pay for health care… all those little things in life.

    Best of luck to you, and I hope to learn about a permanent job for you in the near future!

    Stay focused, stay sane, and stay on their asses; you are doing critically important work.

    -Tracy Early
    Shoreline, WA

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