76.Oh My Aching Job Search…Thanks VA

VA Screws Its Homeless Labor Workforce Dear Friends:

I was searching the newspapers for jobs like I always do when I came across this dandy one. I had just finished a days LABOR trying to build up the coffers that were emptied out by my recent illness. Imagine how I almost threw up when I found this employment ad from my favorite EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. To say the least, my assets were a little chapped.

I was reading about how they needed Electricians (I am not), Pipe-fitters (I am not), Painters (Can do), and Laborers (You Are Hot Now!).  Oh by the way, I am getting VERY skilled at Labor too. I am a US Citizen and a Veteran with a Preference and Homeless to boot!  The last part means I am going to be living close to the job and be in early!

Now this made me think. Really think. Now I was pissed off when I read further. This is temporary, no benefits ya de ya. Ok now, they have me and all of my homeless buddies on a list, why since we are the perfect candidates for this, were we not first called for this? Think about this. I have been in contact with many groups who have registered over 1,500 homeless veterans recently. In the area that this ad went in I know of at least 150 registered homeless veterans that could easily be found to fill the laborer jobs alone.

This then lead me to think of the training skills programs. Exactly what job re-training and reintegration are the homeless veterans being provided with? I have tried to find out through the available VA materials. For all one knows it could be basic basketweaving or advanced paty-cake techniques. I would think that maybe there is pipe fiting, HVAC or even electrical involved though as trades. So why were they not considered?

I earned $40.00 as a Laborer today. I have been laboring when I can to earn money to live. I am not the smartest in the world but I have my own ideas and programs that I think of and here is another one that goes on top of my tent city idea.

Since the VA is still having trouble giving away its Grant Money. Why not use money from the grant program in a job program like this. Funding jobs for homeless veterans as a training program as well. It helps modernize their buildings, uses the grant money, frees up the money that would have been allocated in maintenance for other services or could be channeled back into other homeless veteran programs to improve the lack of the “Continuum of Care” that is out there. Trust me folks, the VA knows that their “Continuum” hit the wall a long time ago and came to a stop. They need a new  company image for sure. Call Bob Dole and Donna Shalala back for another one of those brain sessions. Maybe they can use one of mine like “At the VA We Are Not That Bad….We Are Worse” Copyright 2007 wanderingvet enterprises.

American Legion, VFW, DAV? You are supposed to be coordinating jobs for homeless veterans correct? So what have you been doing then? I just do not see it. You should have been the first on this horse. You are supposed to be liaising, the all seeing eye. DAV you have offices in all the VA Hospitals. Put the Starbucks down and look around. American Legion, I received a nice form letter  last year explaining your jobs program and the buzz word “force multiplier” comes to mind. I have seen no force from your outfit other than wanting me to renew my membership early in years. Get me a good paying job and I will chip in my $35.00 again. VFW you do the same. DAV you already burned me for my life membership.

It is a crying shame actually. According to the VA figures there is a workforce of over 400,000 homeless veterans at any given time in the year. Imagine what you could do with that many hands. Why not utilize them. It worked once in this nation. Do it again.

VA, VFW, DAV, American Legion… You were founded on such noble principles. You really need to go back and look at how and why you were founded. The reasons, the history, the mission. Now look at where you stand today and analyze, look, and feel. Is it men first, mission always? If you were in need, would you want to trust in your organization for help? The reason I am so hard is, you were supposed to be helping me with the VA, and you did not even offer after repeated emailings. If you did that to me as a member, I wonder how many others you have done that too?



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